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The Paskin Group Continues to Grow

The Paskin Group, a real estate investment and management company based in Santa Barbara, California, announces the promotion of Angela Ohlinger and David Boire to Vice President roles, the opening of their new office in Plano, Texas, and the latest addition to their investment portfolio.

The Paskin Group is proud to announce the promotion of two members of their team, in recognition of their hard work and their continued success with the company. Angela Ohlinger was named Vice President – Management and David Boire was named Vice President – Investments in July of 2016.

“Angela and David each represent what is so extraordinary about this company and our culture. They are driven, hard-working, intelligent, and trustworthy. They have been invaluable assets to this company and I am extremely excited to see them take on senior leadership roles as we continue to grow,” stated Michael J. Paskin, The Paskin Group’s Founder and CEO.

Newly-named Vice President – Investments, David Boire, says, “Thank you, Michael, for this incredible opportunity. I look forward to continuing to add value to the team and growing our firm with well located, value add investments.”

Angela Ohlinger, new Vice President – Management, says, “It has been a pleasure working for Michael and I am thankful for the new opportunity. To watch the goals and ambitions of TPG come to life has been such a great experience and I look forward to being a part of the continued success in the operation and management of our communities and investments.”

In addition to the recent promotions, The Paskin Group opened a new office in Plano, Texas which serves as a place where their growing management team trains and meets with investors during portfolio tours.

The Paskin Group’s latest acquisition is a 20-unit community located in a vibrant neighborhood of Uptown Dallas, within walking distance of grocery stores, shopping centers, and nightlife. The Oak Lawn area boasts a growing job market that offers 310,000 jobs in a three-mile radius and caters to young professionals.

The property, built in 1966, will be rebranded as “Moxie” and will live up to the definition of its name as a force of character, determination, and courage. The Paskin Group is undertaking a full plan of interior upgrades, which include new landscaping and a redesigned and updated pool and outdoor lounge area. Clay Aurell and Eric Behr of the Santa Barbara-based A&B Design Studio have been giving The Paskin Group design guidance on the project. Boire explains the appeal of the property, saying, “Our investors are excited to invest with us in such a vibrant area of Dallas. This asset is very much a blank canvas that allows us to produce something truly unique. Investors are looking forward to The Paskin Group realizing our vision to transform this tired property into a stylish and modern community that will better service the neighborhood.”

Moxie is only a half-mile away from another thriving Paskin Group asset, Lure Apartments. Both properties will be supported by the same team, and will benefit from a single established office. “It’s a great opportunity for the residents of a smaller community to gain the attention and amenities of a larger one, without losing their quaint community feeling,” says Ohlinger.

In addition to real estate investment, The Paskin Group remains a conscientious organization that gives back to the communities in which they live and operate through both donation and corporate volunteering. With over 40 years of combined real estate experience, The Paskin Group owns over 1.47 million square feet of multifamily and commercial real estate, invests in the communities in which they operate, strive to serve their residents and employees, and provides long-term returns for their investors.

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