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Texas #1 in Forbes List of Where to Invest

Texas dominates the 2017 Forbes list of where to invest in housing in 2017. The Paskin Group owns and operates 8 apartment communities, 1,166 apartment homes in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Forbes magazine enlisted Local Market Monitor, a company that tracks housing in more than 300 markets, to determine the best markets for housing investment in 2017. Texas led the list of where to invest based on the job growth, population growth, and rising home prices. The full list can be found here. In addition, a new article by CNBC reveals that renters are staying put, and survey results reflect that a growing number of renters have a positive view of renting. “It would appear from our new survey that renters today feel better about their finances, like where they are living, and view renting favorably,” said David Brickman, executive vice president of Freddie Mac Multifamily. To learn more about the survey results you can reference the article here.

There are more tower cranes in operation in North Texas — 87 — than there are in any other region in the country, according to an industry expert and compared semiannual count of cranes in several major markets in the United States.

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