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National Real Estate Investor shares Suburban Garden-Style apartments are the Future.

An article recently published by National Real Estate Investor boasts that suburban garden-style apartments will be the future of the multifamily sector and that there will be a significant shift towards these types of assets.

The article shares how these types of communities “offer more opportunities for social distancing with open space, lower density, and outdoor access, as well as greater air circulation compared to high-rises with closed hallways and elevators.” The author, Ari Rastegar, founder and CEO of Rastegar Property Company, points out that “as many jobs move away from the central business district, as we see in Austin, with many tech firms developing in the suburbs, residents are finding high-quality, lower-priced living options that are close to work.” Such communities afford their residents an opportunity to avoid public transportation by walking or biking to work and entertainment; an appealing benefit during the shifting landscape brought on by the pandemic. “This line of thinking is consistent with The Paskin Group’s strategy when evaluating current and future opportunities. We highly value quality, garden-style communities and take great pride in providing healthy, safe, and affordable living spaces for all of our residents” says Joe Gunner of The Paskin Group’s Investment Team.

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