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Future is Looking Bright for Multifamily Sector

New reports and articles show the future is looking great for the multifamily sector.  Specifically vintage multifamily properties, which is The Paskin Group’s specialty.

In an article recently published by Multifamily Executive, Christine Serlin, editor for Multifamily Executive states that, “looking at 2021, CBRE Research expects to see multifamily investment volume rebound with 33% growth.” As the vaccines  begin to roll out more frequently, the millennial generation will soon be looking for affordable housing. Ari Rastegar, founder and CEO of Rastegar Property Co., mentions how the biggest opportunity will come from millennials who currently live with their parents: “As jobs begin to return and it comes time to move out of mom and dad’s house, vintage multifamily units will be the perfect, affordable option for many of them. A multifamily unit is the perfect choice for millennials who haven’t saved up enough to buy a house and don’t want to live in an expensive shoebox apartment in the urban core.” Already the multifamily sector is doing well, however, with the expected appeal from the younger generation, the future continues to stay positive.

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