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At The Paskin Group, we believe we follow the “Clear Signs Of A Smart Real Estate Investment

Forbes recently published an article detailing the 13 Clear Signs of a Smart Real Estate Investment including “It’s Located Near a Big Teach Company HQ” and “Local Retail Sales are Soaring.” In our Dallas/Fort Worth market, we are checking off each item one by one.

According to a recent article published by Forbes Magazine, found here, “Most prospective real estate investors can spot red flags indicating a bad investment — a long listing time, steadily declining asking prices, high neighborhood turnover, etc. But what about “green flags”? Signals that an investment might be promising are just as important to consider, and you don’t want to overlook them when you’re hunting for a great real estate deal.” The article goes on to list 13 items from a panel of Forbes Real Estate Council Members including items like “It’s In Close Proximity to a Hot Market” and “There are Lots of In-Progess Commercial Projects.”

Our apartment investment strategy (as indicated by our portfolio of investments) follows many of these guidelines and includes conservative use of debt, capital put to use to add value, and a great management team that is aligned with our investment objectives.

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