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2020 Takes a Turn

We had our most successful year to date in 2019, and started 2020 with momentum and excitement for another banner year. And then came Covid19…

When the news hit early in the year of the mysterious virus, like many businesses, we were unsure of exactly what it meant for our Paskin family. We wasted no time taking action with our Team. We had those who could work from home start doing so, and had those who needed to still come to the leasing offices implement social distancing right away. We closed the offices to the public, increased cleaning and disinfecting, and acquired masks and gloves. We worked diligently to continue improving technology that had been in place before Covid so we could communicate effectively with residents, prospects, vendors, and each other. Our President and CEO Michael Paskin quickly decided we would start doing an all-Company video call every Friday, to share good news from the week and connect on a more personal level during these trying times.

During the first weekly call, Michael announced that TPG would be providing weekly family meals for employees, and matching donations 200% that employees made to local non-profits. These incentives were created to help employees, as well as local restaurants that were being hit hard by the closures due to the virus. Employees were encouraged to take pictures with their families getting takeout from the local restaurants, and the results were wonderful! The weekly calls became a time for sharing positivity, smiling faces filled with family, and Paskin pride.

We are looking forward to things getting back to normal, but in the meantime we have made some great memories and brought the team closer than ever.

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